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About Us

Who We Are

Epoxy Elite Floors stands as a premier provider of exceptional epoxy flooring solutions for diverse residential, commercial, and industrial settings. With a steadfast dedication to quality and innovation, we’ve established ourselves as leaders in the industry, delivering unmatched results to our valued clients.

10 polished concrete epoxy maintenance
11 polished concrete epoxy

What Sets Us Apart

What truly sets Epoxy Elite Floors apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence in every facet of our work. From our meticulous attention to detail to our use of the highest quality materials and techniques, we consistently strive to surpass expectations and deliver exceptional results that stand the test of time.

Craftsmanship Excellence

At Epoxy Elite Floors, we take immense pride in our craftsmanship excellence. Each project is approached with a keen eye for detail and a dedication to precision that ensures superior results. Our skilled artisans bring years of experience and expertise to every job, creating floors that are not only visually stunning but also durable and long-lasting.

12 polished epoxy flooring
11 polished concrete epoxy

Customer-Centric Approach

Central to our ethos is a deep-seated commitment to our clients. We believe in building lasting relationships based on trust, transparency, and open communication. From the initial consultation to the final walkthrough, we prioritize your vision and satisfaction, working closely with you every step of the way to bring your flooring dreams to life.

Services We Offer

5 basement concrete epoxy installation

Basement waterproofing is a crucial investment for any property, safeguarding it against water damage and ensuring a dry and secure environment. The significance of basement waterproofing extends beyond protecting the structural integrity of a building; it also contributes to the health and well-being of its occupants.

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Epoxy flooring, a cornerstone in both residential and commercial spaces, stands as a testament to unparalleled durability, aesthetic appeal, and low-maintenance living. Its robust nature, coupled with a sleek and seamless finish, elevates spaces, providing transformative solutions for clients in Tuckahoe, New York, and beyond.

3 residential concrete epoxy polishing

Concrete polishing stands as a pivotal and transformative step in the maintenance and enhancement of your surfaces, surpassing mere aesthetics to contribute significantly to the durability and overall appeal of your floors.

4 basement concrete epoxy sealing 1

Concrete sealing is not just a surface-level treatment; it’s a fundamental practice that safeguards the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of various concrete surfaces. As a protective barrier, concrete sealing shields driveways, floors, and industrial spaces from the harsh impacts of weather, chemicals, and daily wear and tear.


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